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November Newsletter

Dear Friends

It has been another fruitful month of prefield ministry. Last month we told you about our trip to The Gambia and specifically about our time in the city. This month we want to share about our visit to the village of Ndungu Kebbeh. Lord willing, our first year in The Gambia will be spent in this village learning the Wolof language before we transition to ministry in the city just outside of the capital city Banjul.


One of four mosques in Ndungu Kebbeh.


In the above picture is one of four mosques in the village of Ndungu Kebbeh. The village is mostly populated by the Wolof people group. According to the Joshua Project, the Wolof in The Gambia are 99.9% Muslim and will be the center of our ministry while we are in The Gambia. Although most of the Wolof claim to be Muslim they also believe in spirits and witches.

After a tour through the village with Alison, one of the long-term missionaries in Ndungu Kebbeh, we returned to ABWE’s compound in the village. The compound consists of numerous houses, a literacy center, an office, an old preschool building, and a health clinic. One of the main evangelism tools missionaries use in the village is health care. The clinic is staffed by three nurses who are ABWE missionaries and multiple Gambians who also work in the clinic.


Patrick and Michele at the entrance of ABWE’s health center.


Another tool used in the village is the literacy center. We were afforded the opportunity to spend time with Joanne who runs the literacy center. She is also an ABWE missionary living in Ndungu Kebbeh. Many of the Wolof in the village cannot read or write the Wolof language. The New Testament has been translated into Wolof making literacy crucial to the evangelism efforts throughout the village.


Prayer Requests

Pray God will soften the hearts of the Wolof people

Pray for the missionaries serving in The Gambia

Pray for more opportunities for us to present our ministry to churches


Thank you all for your prayers! Until next month…

In Christ,

The Reed’s

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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