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April Newsletter 2024

In the month of April, God provided numerous discipleship opportunities. The people who have become Christians, are in desperate need of resources and discipleship.

God opened the door for Patrick and our teammate Joan Schmitz to share the 'Story of Hope' with a remarkable family of God. The 'Story of Hope' is a chronological Bible study that explores God's story of hope for all people.    Patrick and Joan met with a devout husband-and-wife team in a nearby village. Over the past several years, they have dedicated their lives to ministering to young people by fostering children, many of them from Muslim families, and providing them with a loving, Bible-centered home. Currently, they care for nearly 30 young people. While they have abundant love to give, they lack resources. They were thrilled when Patrick and Joan offered to give the 'Story of Hope' resource and guidance on how to teach others. Please join us in praying that God uses this resource to bring hope beyond measure.

Later in the month, a guest preacher from Ghana held a large youth event. The excitement was noticeable at the Omega youth group, with Alyssa, Danielle, and others participating. Over 300 young people gathered to worship God, exceeding expectations and offering a promising glimpse into The Gambia's future. Patrick also delivered a sermon, emphasizing the significance of small groups based on the early church in Acts 2:42–47. As part of his message, he organized a small group fair where the entire congregation explored various groups to find the best fit. Everyone found a group to join based on their location, day, and time. He stressed that the church is not just a Sunday destination but a family to which we belong. Please pray for these small groups to grow and for God to be glorified.

Prayers & Praises

~Pray for Patrick’s father Bruce’s continued recovery.   

~ Pray for our generator fund that’s now 40% supported.

~ Pray for God to lead short-term missionaries to take our place while we are in the USA in 2025.

~Praise God for a supporting church in Dover, DE who is willing to house us for 3 months in 2025 when we on home assignment for a year.

~Pray for our housing provision in 2025.

~Thank God for His continued provision for our ministry here in The Gambia.  


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke



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