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December Newsletter

Happy New Year. December was a task-filled month as we organized our container, discovered our water pump was broken, and planned a Christmas party. We took the allotted time by ABWE to pause language school to get our house in order. Patrick was thrilled to have the dedicated time to install the generator and all the wiring to go with it and the kids were happy to have some decorations from home for Christmas.

North Bank Station, where we stay, includes the medical clinic, language students, and the literacy center, all of which have a set of employees. Our Christmas celebration included all employees including a Gambian brunch to celebrate Christ and the gift of Jesus. Michele had our two female language helpers over to make Christmas cookies the old-fashioned way for the celebration. We had a local pastor from two towns over preach the gospel as our Wolof is barely strong enough to say two sentences in a row, let alone preach a whole sermon. The gospel presentation was received well, and we know seeds were planted and others watered as people told us they liked the message. We are always in prayer for God to send the increase. After the meal, Patrick offered time for each Gambian to send Teresa a personal farewell message.

Our family received a few personal gifts from sending churches, and all our children wanted for Christmas was time at a pool and the beach. So after Christmas, we went to the city for a much-needed time of rest and relaxation as village life is no cakewalk but always worth it for the sake of the gospel. Michele made friends quickly poolside and immediately started sharing the gospel with people from Holland, Germany, Poland, Ireland, and the staff because you are never off duty to share the gospel. Timing for the vacation was perfect as an announcement would be made in the first week of the year that ABWE would be closing the medical clinic as of December 2022. This transition puts us in need of short-term missionaries. Pray about how you, your friends, or the congregation could help. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


Praise and Prayer Requests

~ Pray for God’s future direction in The Gambia.

~ Pray for our language studies as we acclimate.

~ Pray that even without words we show Christ

~Pray for labors in the field here in The Gambia


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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