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December Newsletter 2023

Happy New Year! This December, the new ABWE director of Africa, Andy Kirby, and his wife, Jackie, paid us an encouraging visit. They wanted to see what God was doing and the needs of The Gambia firsthand.

After the Kirby's brief stay, we traveled with some Omega Church members to help clear the clinic grounds in Ndungu Kebbeh. After the rainy season, the dead and dying grass is a great place for snakes to breed and hide. So, we worked diligently to remove much of the grass to keep the grounds snake-free. We also spent time in the village, visiting friends and shops in the local market. On the way home, the ferry, as always, was a time-consuming adventure, but Patrick utilized his time to write a contract and financial plan for the 2024-year partnership with Omega Church and the ABWE mission.

Later in the month, Patrick finished teaching his second systematic theology class and we invited both Christian and Muslim friends to help decorate our compound for Christmas. Michele became extremely involved in the church's Christmas activities, such as assisting in the decorating of the church and helping the leadership in directing the Christmas play, where Luke was a wise man. She also spent time collecting and distributing shoes and clothing to a local orphanage. Then, she coordinated the youth end-of-year event, where they all had a blast. Alyssa is also greatly involved in the youth group. She was a main character in a drama presentation on the need for discipleship and participated in The Gambia YMCA Christmas Carol event. 

This year, we also joined in an Omega Church tradition by ushering in the New Year at the church by singing and dancing to praise music. Additionally, we discovered that New Year’s is considered a Christian holiday for many Gambians and that most churches host a celebration. We are grateful for the opportunities and experiences God has given us in The Gambia. We look forward to continuing our ministry and service in the New Year at our new email addresses, and Email us today on how you can get more involved in what God is doing here, and make sure to change our email address in your contacts.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for Patrick’s father Bruce as he continues to undergo chemotherapy treatments.   

~Pray for Patrick’s classes at Omega and his participation in an upcoming pastoral seminar.

~Pray as Michele & Patrick help with the youth.

~Thank God for His continued provision for our ministry here in The Gambia.  

In Christ, The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke

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