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May Newsletter

We have hit the road and headed west to Tennessee. Driving "in" an RV has its luxuries as we were able to sit on a couch, play card games, eat whenever we wanted, no need to stop for bathroom breaks, and even watch a DVD or two. However, driving an RV with a car in tow is a whole different experience as it requires full concentration. Merging in and out of highways, dealing with wind gusts, and cars zipping in front of you is a high-intensity full-time job, so driving for many hours has its limits.

Once we arrived, we immediately started working on the project before us. Joanne, our teammate in The Gambia, inherited her father's single-wide trailer on a beautiful property in Tennessee but it has been vacant for upwards of 10 years. The home needs many repairs due to rodent and termite damage along with the results of hot and cold weather over the years. An addition is also being added onto the trailer for a dedicated laundry room and office. The house was still filled with her father's household items which Michele spent many hours purging and organizing. Patrick spent his time installing plumbing, electrical, and drywall in the addition. We even had some friends from our sending church come out to help us for a day. The project has many more hours of labor in front of them so consider this project for your mission trip this summer.

After all our travel and labor over this past two months along with presenting our ministry at Gum Springs Baptist Church, we sought out some rest and relaxation. We did some beautiful sightseeing of the falls in Tennessee. We then headed to Kentucky and took some time to visit the Ark Encounter. It was a true blessing as three families from our sending church joined us for a joyous time of fellowship and learning more about the great flood and the Ark God designed through Noah.

We then headed south as we knew getting accustomed to heat is something we need as we wait for the change in Covid arrival procedures in The Gambia. We headed toward Florida as God reminded us of our supporting church that is part of a church revitalization. Please pray that we are a blessing to this congregation during this pause.


Prayer Requests

~ For more funding and willing volunteers to complete Joanne’s future home.

~For God to call more people to serve The Gambia.

~Continue to Pray for Michele’s uncle who is now undergoing clinical trial cancer treatments.

~ For God to open the door for us to arrive in The Gambia


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke


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