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Our Call
To serve

As we started our life together in 2002, we focused on the American dream, putting God on the back burner until the thought of having children made us rethink our relationship with Him. We realized our disobedience, the need to find a church, and the importance of studying God's Word. The Lord helped us find a wonderful family of believers who demonstrated how to be a biblical church family. He used this community to change our lives in ways we could not imagine. We then moved to the eastern shore of Maryland in 2009 and started attending our present church home, Grace Baptist Church of Hurlock. This is where we were serving and raising our three beautiful children when God called us into foreign missions. Serving the Lord as foreign missionaries was not on our radar, but God knew our hearts and had been equipping us for His call for a long time. In February 2017, the Lord put a burden on Patrick's heart to serve as a foreign missionary. In March, the week prior to him telling Michele, a friend of hers who was starting over since coming to faith, asked what she would do if she could do anything in the world. Her answer was, "I would drop everything and become a foreign missionary, but God has never called my husband, so my mission field is right here." So when Patrick came to tell her about his call to foreign missions, he was shocked to hear her response, "Great, when do we leave?"

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