Appointed as ABWE Missionaries

What is Pre-field Ministry?  First, it starts with a leap of faith to answer God’s call to become missionaries.  In July 2017, we attended candidate seminar, giving us the preparation needed before heading to the field (The Gambia).  The process is a dual track of meeting both the support raising and training goals set by

ABWE.  ABWE requires courses including Methods of Bible Study, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, and Basic Missional Theology. 


Specific missionary and field training includes Essential Mission Components and a Field Preparation Seminar, both of which equip us to transition to the mission field, adjust to living in another culture, and come alongside the existing ABWE field team.  The ABWE training program sets them apart as a mission board, which which will be invaluable while we serve in The Gambia.  Their goal is to equip us with the knowledge and skills we need to effectively minister to the people God has called us to reach.