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October Newsletter

Dear Friends

This month was full of exciting ministry opportunities as we continue our prefield ministry. We could share so many stories, but this letter would turn into a book! Hurlock days, nursing home visits, sharing our ministry vision with friends, discipling new believers, spreading the gospel, and a survey trip to The Gambia are just a few of the activities we have been involved in this month. In addition, Patrick moved into full-time ministry this month allowing us to fully focus our energy on what God has called us to do in this season of life.

Hmm… where should we start? There is so much to share about our trip to The Gambia it probably makes sense to start and finish there. This month we will share a little about the city and next month the focus will be the village of Ndungu Kebbeh.


Michele and Adelia share watermelon while showing

us around the capital city of Banjul and surrounding areas.


Barney and Adelia are long term missionaries in The Gambia. They have created an amazing ministry in the greater Banjul area including the planting of a church. We spent five of the seven days in the country shadowing them as they showed us what ministry life in the city was like and how many incredible opportunities exist to spread the gospel to a very lost people. They helped us clarify our vision and it further confirmed God’s call for us to minister to the people in The Gambia.


ABWE planted church in Kombo


We also had the opportunity to attend a church service in the city near where ABWE’s guesthouse is located. The Word of Life Bible Fellowship was planted by Barney, an ABWE missionary, and has now been mostly turned over to local leadership. We pray the Lord will create more opportunities to plant biblically sound churches in a country that is 95% Muslim!


Prayer Requests

Pray that God will call others to The Gambia

Pray God will soften the hearts of the Wolof people

Pray for the missionaries serving in The Gambia

Pray for Patrick as he transitions to full-time ministry


We praise God for all of you who are praying for us as we follow God’s will for our family! Stay tuned next month for stories about what God is doing in the village of Ndungu Kebbeh…

In Christ,

The Reed’s

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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