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January Newsletter 2019

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then this is the longest one-page newsletter you will ever read! Enjoy the pictures!

Pictures from the Winter Thing at Evangel Baptist Church in Hagerstown and Whitetail Resort. Patrick was the guest speaker for the teen event.

Michele teaching children’s lesson at the

Christian Shelter

Pastor Bill Long at Galilean Baptist Church in West Virginia. Patrick is preaching as we shared our future ministry to The Gambia with the church.


Prayer Requests

Pray as Patrick continues to reach out to churches that they would invite us out to share our ministry.

Pray that God gives us many opportunities to share the gospel with the lost this year.

Pray for more Wolof to receive salvation

in Jesus Christ


Thank you all for your prayers!

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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