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December 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year! It is exciting to think about what God may do this year as we look back at all He did last year. December was especially special. It is a time when we can remember the great gift God sent us through His Son Jesus Christ and celebrate our salvation. At least in America, it is also a time of gift giving that God used this year to bless our family.

Earlier this month we were invited and traveled out to Cedar Hill Baptist Church in Cleveland, OH. They were holding their Women’s Evening Missionary Fellowship and asked us to be their guests to present our ministry and receive Christmas gifts. They were such a blessing! Our family received an amazing number of gifts from the women at the fellowship and we enjoyed sharing our ministry vision for The Gambia. We also gained a new individual monthly supporter during the visit.

Michele sharing her testimony at the Fellowship

This coming month we are starting a new class. It is one of our final class requirements besides Field Prep Seminar that is held at the ABWE headquarters. This class is on Islamic studies and Muslim evangelism. It is an online 12-week course and teaches about the fundamentals of the Islamic belief and how to best reach Muslims for Christ. The class takes a hands-on experiential approach. We will be required to visit a mosque and meet individually with someone who is Muslim in order to learn more about their faith through direct interaction. We pray that this class will be beneficial towards our future ministry in The Gambia.

Finally, we ask that you pray that God would provide the additional support our ministry needs so we may depart for The Gambia this year. It is a very reachable goal but one that requires much prayer. We also ask that you pray God would make the path clear for us as we start to handle the logistics of selling our house, packing a container, obtaining visas, getting the required vaccinations, and preparing to move our family.

Visiting The Arcade while in Cleveland


Prayer Requests

Pray that God will raise up the remaining support so we may depart for The Gambia this year.

Pray that God will show us a clear path for the logistical requirements of the move.


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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