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June Newsletter

Florida heat and Emmaus Baptist Church have welcomed us with open arms. We arrived in God's perfect timing. Our arrival in Florida was an answer to prayer. The accomplished pianist, Rebecca Kruppa, and her husband, Bill Kruppa, pastor at Emmaus Baptist Church, had been requested to sing at a church for their Memorial Day Fallen Hero service and would have to find a pastor to fill the pulpit. They had asked six different pastors who all had other obligations and did not know where God wanted them to turn. Within two weeks of the need, in God's perfect timing but unbeknownst to us, we call about our arrival in the area right when they needed the help.

As we became more involved at Emmaus, we discovered they had recently bought a new soundboard. They also wanted to get better sound quality for their online services and install televisions to replace the aging projectors. Patrick had spent much of 2020 setting up a new soundboard and getting online services together for our sending church which prepared him perfectly for this task.

Meanwhile, Michele has been suffering for the Lord poolside. New campers come in and out of the RV park weekly. Being gregarious is a gift as she has connected with so many people. She has been sharing our ministry, the gospel, and encouraging many to return to their home churches. Many told her they had not been back since the Covid restrictions. God continues to reveal to us along the way why we are in Florida.

But the real question is, when are you leaving for The Gambia? We have booked flights for August 9th and are praying for all clearances as that date approaches. Some of our other teammates will be entering The Gambia the last week of July. Please pray for their safe and prayerfully smooth arrival. This smooth arrival will lead the way for upwards of 10 new missionary arrivals by September. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~ For continued funding and willing volunteers to complete Joanne’s missionary housing in Tennessee.

~Thank you, Lord, for calling more people to serve in The Gambia.

~Thank you, Lord, for the improvement of Michele’s uncle who has been undergoing clinical trial cancer treatments. The tumors are reducing in size.

~For the safe and peaceful arrival of Joan and Teresa back into The Gambia at the end of July.

~For God to bless our time here in Florida to bring more to His kingdom and be instrumental in planting and watering the seeds of the gospel.

~ For God to open the door for us to arrive in The Gambia.

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke


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