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September Newsletter

Dear Friends

It has been an exciting month as we have begun our prefield ministry. There was a lot of preparation needed prior to beginning our support raising including the development of a new website, designing and printing prayer cards, creating a database, writing introduction letters for churches, launching a Facebook page, and starting to build a sending team. The preliminaries are now complete and we have started the support-raising phase. Our training will continue alongside of the support-raising including classes and actual ministry opportunities.

Michele used a simple trip to the local fair this past month to share the gospel with a face painter. She said, “A sad reality became clear while getting my face painted at the local county fair. I requested a simple cross. While the woman was painting the cross, I shared with her about Jesus. Then I asked her to put two smaller crosses on either side. She looked dumbfounded, so I explained to her about the two thieves. What an awesome opportunity to share about Christ and His lifesaving power!” Opportunities to share the good news are everywhere and we will continue to proclaim the gospel everywhere God sends us.


Prayer Requests

Pray that God will call others to join our

sending team

Pray that more churches invite us to share our burden

Pray that a new SD video card shared with the Wolof people will soften hearts and open opportunities to share the gospel

Pray that God will use us to raise up new missionaries willing to go and reach the lost

Pray for us to have a safe and fruitful survey trip in October to The Gambia


Patrick had a couple of opportunities to share our burden with, Grace Baptist Church of Hurlock, our local church. He preached two messages, one at a Sunday evening service and another on a Sunday morning. It was an occasion to talk about how the Lord has been leading us into a new ministry, but the Holy Spirit also burdened Patrick to preach about the need to have boldness and the willingness to make sacrifices. Our prayer is that God will use us to inspire others and raise up new missionaries during this prefield journey.

Our journey, God willing, will continue next month and include a survey trip to The Gambia for a week. We are looking forward to a productive and insightful trip!

In Christ,

The Reed’s

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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