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September Newsletter

September has been a full and fruitful month for our ministry. Many may have the impression that deputation, or prefield ministry, is all about raising support, but it is so much more. As with any type of ministry, it is about serving God and people! This month had both types of service including new opportunities to serve through different means and roles.

A couple of weeks ago we attended a missions conference at Bethel Baptist Church in Hampton Virginia. It was a Wednesday through Sunday conference packed with services and classroom activities. Bethel has a school on their campus, and we had the opportunity to speak during chapel and with various grades in their classrooms. It was a blast! Each night they had a well-attended service. We were one of five missionary families and each would present different aspects of their ministry or preach during the services. What a blessing it was to spend time with such a splendid group of faithful believers.

In addition, we stayed with a delightful family during our time at Bethel. They were remarkable hosts and incredibly hospitable. We are very grateful for their kindness, faithfulness, and giving spirit that made our time at Bethel even more enjoyable.

Following the missions conference, we visited Calvary Bible Church in East Stroudsburg Virginia. We gave our testimonies and shared about our future ministry in The Gambia during Sunday School. Patrick also preached during the morning service. We met some great people faithful to the Lord! It is always a blessing to meet new people and learn about their walk with Christ.

On the home front, God has been doing amazing things, and He has allowed us to be a part of those plans. Michele started a small group Bible study about prayer that was inspired from the movie War Room. She thought that it would only be one night with a few women, but God has blessed it abundantly. It is now three groups with around 15 women! Praise the Lord that so many women are being faithful and growing in their walk with God. In addition, Patrick started a new discipleship study with the young man who accepted Christ a couple of months ago. He is also continuing a discipleship study with another man they began last month.

Finally, our sending church offered Patrick a part-time position on staff. This should give Patrick more pertinent ministry experience prior to our departure to The Gambia. Lord willing, he will be leading some of the adult Bible studies, serving the nursing home and Christian Shelter ministries, and assisting with missionaries and volunteers. There will also be various other ministries he will have an opportunity to serve and gain in experience and knowledge. We are looking forward to the transition at the beginning of October. This position will still allow for the needed time for building partners in our ministry to The Gambia.


Prayer Requests

Pray for Patrick and our family as he starts his new position at Grace Baptist Church.

Pray that our upcoming trip to a couple of churches in Florida will be fruitful and we would have safe travels.

Pray that these Bible studies would glorify God and those participating will grow in Christ.


Thank you all for your prayers!

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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