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February Newsletter 2019

Most of our monthly updates focus around support raising efforts and the activities that support those efforts. While raising financial support is a critical part of our prefield ministry, about half of our time is spent on other vital components to prepare us for our mission in The Gambia. A few of these things include classes, internships, and practical experience.

Classes provide the necessary biblical and theological knowledge required to effectively minister to the Wolof people in The Gambia. Some classes also supply practical knowledge. This month, we are finishing up our Old Testament Survey class and preparing to start a New Testament Survey. Last year we completed Methods of Bible Study. Later this year we will take Missional Theology and Islamic Studies classes that will further prepare us for our ministry in The Gambia. We are also praying to reach 50% support by June so we may take Essential Mission Components at the ABWE headquarters.

In addition to classwork, Patrick started a paid internship at our sending church at the end of last year. This role is providing him with vital ministry experience that should prove useful in The Gambia. Some of his activities include preparing and delivering sermons twice a month for outreach ministries, evangelism opportunities, leading weekly adult Bible studies, aiding with curriculum development, and helping with strategies to launch new programs in the church. Most recently, he has been learning videography for promotional videos and small group lessons. We know that ministry in The Gambia is going to look much different then here, but we pray that many of the principles learned can be used in our Gambian ministry.

The internship is not the only practical ministry experience we have been focusing on over the past year. In some of our previous letters, we have mentioned the Story of Hope and Way to Joy one-on-one Bible studies. We have both led people through these studies. The Story of Hope is evangelistic and The Way to Joy is geared towards discipleship. These are tools that have already proven effective in Gambian ministry and learning how to use them here should improve our ministry efforts in The Gambia. In addition to one-on-one, we have led various small group studies. Each of these have been a great blessing as we watched God use them to change peoples lives.

God has been using many different ways to prepare us for our future ministry in The Gambia. We do not know how long God will keep us here during this preparation phase, but we do know that His timing will be perfect!


Prayer Requests

Pray for new ministry partners to bring us over 50% before this June.

Pray that God will bless Patrick’s efforts to set up new church presentation opportunities.

Pray for more salvations among the Wolof people


Thank you all for your prayers!

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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