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January 2020 Newsletter

This month has been challenging for the Reed family, but God continues to provide. Just a couple of months ago, Michele lost her mother and last week she also lost her brother to cancer. It has been a trying couple of months. Even through these tough times we know that God is right beside us and will help us heal.

Despite the difficulties, we have been moving forward on our class work requirements for ABWE. We began a class called Encountering the World of Islam. It is a twelve-week course and we are in week four. Some of the requirements of the course include meeting with Muslims and visiting a mosque. This past week we traveled to Manassas Virginia to meet with some former Muslims at an Arabic speaking church.

Enjoying fellowship with former Muslims and Pastor Sam Sadek at Manassas Baptist Church

We had a wonderful time with Pastor Sam Sadek and many other former Muslims. The people we met were from all over the world. Some of the places they were from included Iraq, Algeria, Jordon, and Egypt. The purpose of the class assignment was to learn more about their Muslim faith, and as a bonus, we were able to learn about how they received Christ! The stories they shared with us were incredible testimonies of how God is working in the Muslim world. Many of them have faced persecution and are unable to return to their country of birth. Some have family members who are still Muslim and think they are crazy for becoming Christians.

Attending an Arabic speaking church service

In a few weeks we are required to visit a mosque. This visit should provide us with more insight into the Muslim faith that most Gambians believe and practice to varying extents. The Islam in the Gambian has some significant differences from what you might typically find in the U.S., but there are similarities that we can build upon. The things we have learned have provided new insight and we are excited about our future ministry oversees!


Prayer Requests

Pray that God will raise up the remaining 27% of support so we may depart for The Gambia this year.

Pray for Michele and her family during this time of grieving for her brother.


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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