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February Newsletter

What great encouragement we received this month. A mail delivery with cards of prayer, from praying friends in America, the West Smyrna Baptist Church children’s Sunday school class, and our sending church's AWANA group. They were the best Christmas cards we ever received in February. We also received a special package from a friend with folding frisbees. Michele gave them to some of the local children. Then she had to show the children that they were toys because the children thought they were fans. As Michele gave them out, she did her best to tell them (with some help from a translator) about the greatest gift of all.

One of the other gifts we received this month was another family joining us in ministry. (Keep those prayers coming for more to join the harvest.) With some Covid hiccups along the way, the Werner family arrived in The Gambia. Within a week, with all their monthly supplies, they arrived in Ndungu Kebbeh. They are happy to be here and eager to get to work with baby Ezra in tow as they start language acquisition. Patrick was thrilled that Brandon had maintenance and construction knowledge as this over 5-acre property is riddled with projects. Michele introduced the Werners to a family we have become friendly with who helped Makenzie learn to hold Ezra the Gambian way.

We also went to an Ngenté (baby shower) for Patrick’s language helper. Luke was excited to wear his first full Gambian outfit and thrilled to hold a baby goat. We know the food was fresh as the men slaughtered an adult goat for everyone to see, putting the women immediately to work to prepare the feast. Michele did her best to watch and listen as they prepared the largest amount of benachin she had ever seen. Benachin means one-pot, a Gambian favorite with rice, meat, bullion flavoring, onion, garlic, and any seasonal vegetables available at that time. Our benachin included eggplant, green tomatoes, and cabbage, and as the saying goes "when in Rome do as the Romans do" and we dove in with our hands to eat. They were gracious and without asking gave Michele and the children spoons. It was delicious.


Praise and Prayer Requests

~ Pray for God’s direction for The Gambia.

~Continue to pray for our language studies

~ Pray as we continue to minister to the neighbors.

~ At the end of March our team has a weeklong meeting seeking a unified direction for God’s glory. Pray we get out of Gods way seeking His will over any negative history or personal preferences.

~Pray for the new believer who is building up the courage to tell others about Christ.


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke


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