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July Newsletter

Our shipping container is to be packed on August 4th at 9 am and, our flight is scheduled for August 9th out of Dulles Airport in Virginia. In this waiting period, God showed us once again His perfect timing. What a mighty God we serve, even in what we feel is a waiting period.

God opened doors we would have never expected during our two-month stay in Florida and why we were at Lazy Days Resorts. Being at an RV park for an extended amount of time, our family became quite familiar with the staff and us with them. Our family and the staff enjoyed our time together, bringing a bond we were not expecting. Alyssa rose as a shining star for the gospel. She shared the light continually with both her peers and the staff. She started leading a weekly bible study beginning with the Romans Road. New people attended each time. One teen continually asked, "When are we doing another Bible Study?". Different staff members were encouragingly eager to know more about God through the Word and how to have a personal relationship with God. One staff member even shared with us how she felt lead to becoming a missionary. She thanked God for sending us to be an encouragement to her. We gave her some information, and only God knows where her journey will lead in serving. It may not have been a ministry we were expecting to explore but so glad God used us.

We also continued to serve another month at Emmaus Baptist Church in what was supposed to be sunny Florida. A hurricane could not keep Patrick & Bill from coming together to stir up a new Wednesday evening service format and curriculum to get more involvement from the congregation. It took some time, but people began to participate more in the service.

We were also able to fill in for the Kruppas again this month for their much-needed family vacation. It has been our pleasure to serve alongside them these past few months. We are so glad the Lord opened up the opportunity for us to do so.

Our last week before heading North, the kids made fast friends, and we met a family from Maryland. As Michele talked to the family, she discovered that they were not only from Maryland but from just one town over from our sending church. They even know some of the families within the congregation. Alyssa invited the son to the youth group, and Michele invited them all to the morning service where Patrick will be preaching. What a divine appointment.

This past week we packed up and started the drive north to get back to Maryland. As we did, staff members came up to us saying how much they were going to miss the joy our family brought into their lives. The organized chaos of moving our family to Africa begins this week. Pray for cool heads and a smooth transition during this time.


Praise and Prayer Requests

~Praise God that our RV, car, and trailer sold right away!

~Pray for all of our Covid tests to come back in time for our flight.

~ Pray for safe, and peaceful arrival of our family to The Gambia.

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke


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