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July Newsletter

Time for an update! We were extremely overdue for an updated family photo (2017). We are very thankful to Alyssa, who updated our website and overall web design. She will be continuing to make small changes over the coming months.

Discernment is a gift from God. What we may see as mundane, God sees as an opportunity for His love and grace to be shared. As we settle into urban life here in The Gambia, God is using us as we go. From local relationships to the dentist's office, to making Christmas cookies in July, to having bananas from the banana tree in our yard, to seeking out thriving ministries, to another coat of paint, we are asking God where He wants us to use our talents for His kingdom. We have our eyes wide open and are casting a large net as we pray for His leading.

The ABWE Guesthouse hosted a team from Senegal of both local and foreign missionaries who came to host a biblical conference to advance the gospel here in The Gambia. We were all encouraged to have this fellowship. We look forward to working with this team again.

Michele sought out a thriving local ministry with fellow ABWE missionary Joan Schmitz, visiting what we in America would call a group home. Anyone in foster care knows there is a special calling on one's heart to love children as their own and then return them to their biological family. This husband and wife team has been called in a mighty way to serve our Lord. Ebrima, the husband, came to faith from Islam when he was in his early twenties. Like Gideon's wool, he put God to the test. With God's answer, it turned Ebrima's entire way of thinking upside down, and the Holy Spirit has been guiding his footsteps ever since. After a few years of service to the Lord, God placed his beautiful wife into his life, who is not only beautiful on the outside, but inside, as she is deeply rooted in the Word and her faith is uncharted. They began serving the Lord together, and as their family grew, God placed a burden on their hearts for children to have a personal relationship with the Lord. As they reached out into their community, people willingly gave their children to this loving couple. They raise these children during the school year, much like a boarding school, but so much more, hosting between 10-20 children per school year. They pour into these children in a way that puts many of us to shame. The children's routine starts with a morning devotional, followed by breakfast, and then off to school. They return to a few daily chores, playtime, dinner then evening prayers. Saturday is the day of evangelism for this family. They go into neighboring villages and do a wide range of services, from helping a family in need, telling a Bible story to sharing the Jesus film in whichever local language the village is speaking. Sunday is a day of worship, singing, study, and prayer. Please pray for them as they are being removed from their current location. The landlord will not renew the lease, but God is answering their prayer as they have found new land and are currently building a new facility, including a worship area to bring in local believers to grow in the faith. It is a blessing to see a thriving local ministry born in The Gambia.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~ Pray for the strength and endurance of the new home construction for Ebrima’s Family ministry.

~Pray for God to send more laborers to The Gambia.

~Pray for future partnerships with local Christians.

~Pray for Alison & the weight carried at the clinic.

~Praise God for His leading and direction

~Pray for the future of the medical clinic

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke


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