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March Newsletter 2023

Our month kicked off with the unexpected blessing of a generous gift. Previously, the guesthouse office was located inside the apartment of the former manager. We relocated the guesthouse office to the mission director's office building, leaving an empty bedroom. One of our supporters was aware of our need for bedding in the empty room and provided funding for bunk beds, increasing our capacity from 23 to 25 guests.

What a God we serve, who always goes before us! Last Thanksgiving, we realized that by March, we would accommodate nearly 90 guests. As a result, we planned a 5-day getaway to a 6-bedroom Airbnb in Senegal with our teammate Joan. This month, when we were serving a team of 19, they were helping to build a church alongside missionaries from BIMI. Unfortunately, one man, Kevin, had a terrible accident when the board he was standing on broke beneath his feet, causing him to fall about 16 feet. He was rushed to a hospital, but the local medical facilities lacked the necessary equipment for treating head trauma. The country has only one MRI machine, and it's closed on weekends. Emergency medical evacuation protocols were activated, but several delays occurred for various reasons, as detailed on our Facebook page. One such delay was due to a malfunctioning airplane, which required a replacement plane.

When Kevin and his family finally arrived in Senegal, they were received by other BIMI missionaries (the Meads). They arrived just a day earlier than planned, as we had coordinated for our families to meet months ago. On the same day, we drove to Senegal, keeping ourselves updated on Kevin's condition. Kevin and his family needed assistance with transportation from the airport, translation, hotel stays, and moral support. We saw a need and offered to care for the Mead's three children, their dog, and their puppy. Upon arrival, we were grateful to have the 6-bedroom Airbnb to accommodate everyone for the night and day they were with us. Meanwhile, the Meads helped Kevin settle in at the hospital, checked his wife and daughter into a hotel, and brought Kevin's son in from the airport. Initially, the medical staff anticipated that Kevin would be hospitalized until the end of March and unable to fly until mid-April. However, in just 24 hours, with his own air-conditioned room, proper medical treatment, adequate sleep, and plenty of prayers, the doctors were amazed at his improvement and the reduction in swelling. Within a few short weeks, God had healed him enough to board a plane back to the USA, where he will continue to recover. What a wonderful God we serve!

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for the continued theological training classes.

~Pray for the increase in the seeds we have planted.

~Pray for Alison and her new role in The Gambia

~Pray for K as she is boldly sharing the truth of Jesus.

~Pray on how we can continue to disciple & encourage.

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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