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May Newsletter 2024

We welcomed Hannah Strayer this month, a media specialist from ABWE's ministry in Togo. During her three-week stay, she crafted a compelling promotional video to inspire more laborers for the harvest, capturing the essence of the urban and rural areas. Her visit was filled with enriching experiences, from exploring the urban landscape to worshipping with us at church and participating in our small group. Stay tuned for the upcoming video, which will be featured on the ABWE and Reeds for Christ Facebook pages.

On Pentecost Sunday, which marks the day the Holy Spirit came to the apostles, the Evangelical Churches of The Gambia (ECG) joined together for a special joint service of worship and fellowship. This special event was a powerful testament to our shared faith and community spirit, as we praised and glorified God as one body. We did not attend the fellowship last year, but it was said that there were over 300 people there which was a big increase from the year before. God is growing hearts here; it is so encouraging to see fellowship in numbers.


We had been anticipating an Islamic conference to be held here in The Gambia that was supposed to be a whole week and include 57 member states. Omega Church has been praying for this conference for close to 3 years and we rejoiced as only five heads of state attended, and the summit was reduced to only 3 days. To accommodate the conference, electricity was directed to the conference center and away from parts of the country on an 8-hour alternating schedule. Our generator was put to the test for that week. We are grateful to God that besides the unexpected cost of fuel, the generators held up to the task. As the generators ran, we prayed for them to hold out and for God to provide the financial partners to replace our large old generator. We were then contacted by West Smyrna Baptist Church who pledged the remaining funds needed. This answer to prayer is a testament to your commitment to our ministry, ensuring that light will continue to reach those within our guesthouse walls for God's purposes for years to come. With hearts full of gratitude, we have placed the order and eagerly await its arrival. Thank you to all that donated big and small. May God's blessings continue upon you.

Soon after, Michele had the privilege of attending the semiannual ECG Women’s Conference. Hosted in Sakuta, about 20 minutes away from the guesthouse, the conference had a unique linguistic twist as the teachings were translated into Creole Portuguese, catering to many attendees from Guinea Bissau. The ECG Women’s Conference was a treasure trove of biblical truth, encouragement, inspiration, and heartfelt worship speaking on the power of the tongue.


Prayers & Praises

~ Pray for Patrick’s father Bruce’s continued recovery.   

~ Praise God for the funds needed for the new large generator for the guesthouse.

~ Pray for God to lead short-term missionaries to take our place while we are in the USA in 2025.

~ Pray for more housing provision in 2025.

~ Thank God for His continued provision for our ministry here in The Gambia.  


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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