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November Newsletter 2022

With the arrival of a group of six men from Waypoint Church, who came to explore the ministry God has for them in The Gambia we started the month juggling. They all visited our medical clinic and literacy centers in Ndungu Kebbeh. Two stayed for several days to assist Alison in arranging and purging the clinic for the upcoming partnership, which was a huge help. Two others went to a different medical clinic that the ECG (Evangelical Churches of The Gambia) took over from WEC (Worldwide Evangelism for Christ) years ago. The remaining two came to us for a tour of the urban area to see what doors God was opening there. It was a time of juggling, but it was a blessing entirely in God's hands; He even orchestrated whom the men sat with on the plane. They sat next to a couple who requested they see the work the two were doing here before the Waypoint team returned to America. Being men of their word, they went to see them on the day of their flight departure. While they discussed Ndungu Kebbeh's clinic and its new partnership, they mentioned some of the clinic's needs, one of which was the replacement of a wheelchair. The pair said that they actually had two extra wheelchairs that they were willing to donate. God's plans are always superior to ours.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and Danielle in addition to their regular schoolwork, attended a CPR and first aid course taught by a Scottish first aid responder, they made some new friends there that are also homeschooled here in The Gambia.

One of our guards and his sister (previous house helper) invited our entire family to their brother's wedding. We were even asked to be part of the osobi. Being part of the osobi in Gambian culture entails dressing in the same fabric as the family to symbolize your ties, honor, and closeness to them. The bride and groom's families wear different materials, and the bridesmaids also have distinct outfits. We had a great time celebrating and learning about the Jola tribe's wedding traditions. We had a fantastic community meal and even performed some African dancing.

At the end of the month, we had a team of seven Canadians come into the guesthouse to begin phase one of building a church here with some BIMI missionaries serving here. They were a huge blessing, and excellent weather met them as they worked. Soon after, Michele and Alyssa traveled to Ndungu Kebbeh to assist with the medical clinic's final inventory. This one was unique because it included not just the medication but instead, we had to count tables, chairs, benches, exam tables, IV poles, and other items as well. The new medical administrator joined them on their trek over and got a tour of the compound and clinic. Alyssa and Michele also spent time preparing a house for their teammate Joanne, who has been on furlough for the past year She has since arrived in The Gambia and is excited to get back to work at the literacy center.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Praise God for the new partnership with OMEGA Foundation

~Pray for upcoming theological training led by Patrick

~Pray for Alison and God’s leading.

~Pray for the Smith Family mission trip to assist us.

~Pray for the relationships we are developing with the purpose of sharing the Lord.

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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