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November Newsletter

Just as things were starting to get in a routine around here, God made sure we were on our toes. Teresa Stoien, a 15-year veteran missionary nurse here in The Gambia, became extremely lethargic and had shortness of breath. Our other veteran missionary nurse, Alison Dominguez, recognized a heart condition had developed, and Teresa may require a surgeon. As the clinic was closed over this past month, God paved the way for getting Teresa medically evacuated to Spain (where she had been a missionary years before). Teresa showed her evangelistic heart as she shared the gospel with the emergency medical team in the ambulance, on her flight, and in her hospital room in 3 different languages, all while on oxygen. God has made her an impressive lady. Thank you to the many who follow our Facebook page and have been praying during this time. She received the surgery she needed in Spain and will be there six weeks through initial recovery then, onto the USA for a full recovery. Currently, she is being hosted by a missionary family in Spain, and her wonderful sister came to assist in her recovery.

This turn of events put us on a crash course to running our property, finances, and employees. God is so good as we transitioned into our new roles with the language barrier as one of our only problems.

Life goes on in the village, and Michele became a guest of honor at an Ngenté as the Toomaa for the family she had helped pick peanuts for back in October. An Ngenté is a baby-naming celebration just as we would host a baby shower, yet completely different. The Toomaa is the person the baby is named after. Michele’s Gambian name is Awa which translates to Eve. Michele, Alyssa, and Danielle attended the all-day celebration of baby Awa experiencing many customs that they are still not sure they understand.

Meanwhile, Patrick continued to disciple the new believer and brought him to meet with a local pastor who is about two towns over. The three men spent the afternoon together, and the new believer asked to be baptized in the local riverbank. Praise God!!!

Then two weeks later, our shipping container arrived. Another wonderful answer to prayer.

We pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your Christmas season is full of opportunities to share the gospel and glorify God.


Praise and Prayer Requests

~ Praise God our container arrived safely

~ Pray for God’s future direction in The Gambia.

~ Pray for our language studies as we acclimate.

~ Pray that even without words we show Christ


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke


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