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September Newsletter

Ministry isn't always glamorous, but it is always fulfilling. As the rainy season continues, some of us are embracing it while others feel like prisoners and can't wait for it to stop. This month's wind, lightning, and rainfall caused havoc for us. The intense rains emphasized the growing problem at the entrance to our property, which becomes a small lake with every passing rain. The lightning struck our Internet pole, leaving us without WiFi for almost a whole month before it could be replaced. The wind stirred up the concern many have had for years regarding our large palm trees.

We made the decision to have them removed but having a tree cut down in The Gambia is quite the adventure with just a man, a homemade apparatus, a hatchet, and a whole lot of bravery. For a full video see our FB page. Another surprise we received this month was a leaking pipe in the concrete wall. Add the rain and humidity, and you receive the gift of mold. Michele spent time cleaning from top to bottom to make sure we were mold-free, so much so that she started power washing the whole property and even taught the employees.

With all the work needed around the property, we were extremely grateful for the love offerings given to the guesthouse ministry, making those updates financially effortless. Speaking of gifts, ABWE is no longer processing the personal gifts you send to bless our family for things like birthdays and Christmas because the IRS is trying to count those personal gifts as income. Please don't let this deter you from sending us personal gifts; just please contact us as there are a couple of options.

We have also been building our relationship with our local congregation. God has been opening the doors for partnerships and discipleship. We are excited to see where God leads. Upon Joan Schmitz’s encouragement, Michele hosted the Ladies' Fellowship to disciple and encourage believers, and Patrick has been asked to preach a sermon next month. All of this may seem mundane, but from start to finish, we represent Christ to everyone we encounter. From plumbers to arborists to neighbors to employees, we are always intentional about developing those relationships to share the good news.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for God to send more laborers to The Gambia.

~Pray for future partnerships with local Christians.

~Pray for Alison & the weight carried at the clinic.

~Pray for the future of the medical clinic

~Pray for the relationships we are developing

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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