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April Newsletter

Dear Friends

This past month was filled with travel, evangelism, and discipleship. We were able to share with two congregations about our future ministry in The Gambia, share the gospel with an unbeliever, and start two new Bible studies.

Our first church visit this month was to Maranatha Baptist Church in Millville, New Jersey. We had an amazing time during our visit. They are a very mission minded church and were a blessing to us in many ways. Patrick was able to preach during the morning service and both of us shared our testimonies and information about our future ministry during the evening service.


A group photo of the missionary families visiting for the conference at Scipio Baptist Church.


The second church we visited was Scipio Baptist Church in Union Springs, New York. This was a four-day missions conference with three other missionary families in attendance. It was a pleasure to get to know the other missionary families over the course of our stay. Scipio Baptist is also very mission minded and their dedication to the yearly conference was a joy to witness. The multi-day conference allowed us to present our ministry in different ways to the children, teens, and adults.

In addition to the two church visits, we were able to start two new Bible studies this month. Patrick started a men’s Bible study called Act Like Men. It is a five-week small group study, but he hopes that their will be enough interest and excitement for it to continue beyond the five weeks. Michele also started a study called The Way to Joy with a new believer. This is a ten-week discipleship program for new believers.

Michele just finished an evangelistic Bible study called The Story of Hope with this new believer. She professed faith in Jesus Christ at the end the study and was excited about growing in her faith. They started the Way to Joy Bible study the following week after her profession. What an amazing God we serve!


Prayer Requests

Pray for our upcoming church visits and our safety as we travel.

Pray that we may reach 50% financial support by June, so we can attend the EMC class.

Pray that Patrick will balance his time successfully between ministry and secular work.

Pray for more churches to invite us out during the slower summer months between conferences.

Pray for the man Patrick is sharing the gospel with through the Story of Hope.


Thank you all for your prayers!

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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