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March Newsletter 2024

This month was the Islamic tradition of Ramadan, in which they fast for 30 days seeking to earn favor from God. This year, Ramadan coincided with Lent, where many Catholics also fast during the day. It is a wonderful time to share the Bible and about the true purpose of fasting.

Our God answers prayers in ways we would never expect. Patrick’s father is much improved; he has steadily gained weight. We cannot praise the Lord enough for such a blessing. Thank you again for everyone's prayers and donations so Patrick could travel to the U.S. When he returned, he immediately jumped back into ministry. The church we partnered with (Omega) sound system has degraded over time and desperately needed a new music mixer. Patrick was happy to order and install the mixer, along with instructing the sound team on how it works.

Michele visited our pregnant housekeeper, whom she has ministered to for a long time. She has been very open to hearing the gospel. On Michele’s way home she saw children standing on the side of the road looking for a taxi and needing a ride home from school because there was no school transportation in the country. Thus, she became a school bus driver for the afternoon. It was like a clown car by the time they piled in. The seatbelt laws are loose, so only the driver and front passenger must wear them. There is also no requirement for child safety seats. Michele drove very slowly when she had such precious cargo, and the children were very grateful. Just two weeks after Michele's visit, the baby was born, and the woman named the baby after her. The woman said she prays that her daughter becomes a good woman like her "toma" aka namesake. It was a great honor. Please pray for her to have her heart open to accepting Christ.

A wonderful tradition that the evangelical church of the Gambia has on a silent Saturday is a joint baptism celebration. All those who desire baptism within the ECG come together with a crowd of supporters there so praise God. Close to 35 people were baptized that day, and three were from Omega church. It was a wonderful celebration where the crowd sang, praised, and worshiped God while those getting baptized went out into the ocean as an outward expression of what had already happened inside their hearts. Please pray for their new-found faith in Christ and that they may be courageous in sharing the gospel.

We are also excited to announce that the generator fund is at 35% supported. What a blessing from all those who have donated to that fund so far! May God keep this forward momentum in raising funds for this need.

Prayers & Praises

~Praise God for Patrick’s fathers improved health.

~Continue praying for short-term missionaries to take our place while we are in the USA on furlough in 2025.

~Pray for the guesthouse’s replacement generator financial need.

~Thank God for His continued provision for our ministry here in The Gambia and the salvation of those we have been ministering.

In Christ,

The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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