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February Newsletter 2024

We started our month with a visit from Oakridge Church pastors, Brian Moss and Gary McCabe. They have a burden for discipleship, church growth, and pastoral leadership. While they were here, we connected them with the Evangelical Church of the Gambia (ECG) leaders. We pray God will use this meeting as a springboard for a relationship to exponentially grow the church in The Gambia. We also showed them the ministries Omega Church is involved in, including a church plant and school. While at the school, it didn’t take long for Michele to have all the children playing a game and singing gospel songs.

This month also came with its challenges. Patrick’s father took a turn for the worse, and his weight got dangerously low, with the doctors saying that he needed invasive exploratory surgery. Not only did they not know the outcome, but the mystery of the road to recovery. Patrick’s heart was torn between visiting his parents and staying in the Gambia. The question was, how would we afford the trip as it’s not considered a ministry cost?

From encouragement from a friend of Michele’s we reached out through our Facebook page, and God‘s people responded with overwhelming financial support and prayer warriors, lifting up Patrick's father, the surgeons, and the rest of the family. God heard our cry. Not only were there no complications from the surgery, but recovery went faster than expected as well. This left time for Patrick to visit our sending church and our previous church family.

During the 2 weeks Patrick was gone, Michele was extremely busy in ministry here, leading the small group sessions, children’s church, and youth group ministry. She was the game's leader for the church picnic and led a community clean-up. She also helped with shoe distribution at the church and had the guesthouse property metal restored and repainted. All while keeping up with homeschooling, creating video content for a supporting church, and kindling current relationships. This month was a whirlwind of blessings, and we are excited to see what next month brings.



Prayers & Praises

~Pray for Patrick’s father Bruce’s continued recovery.   

~Pray for short-term missionaries to take our place while we are in the USA on furlough in 2025.

~Pray for our replacement generator needs.

~Thank God for His continued provision for our ministry here in The Gambia.  

In Christ,

The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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