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May Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Much of May’s ministry work has consisted of Bible studies, setting up appointments, studies, and making visits to churches. The prefield process of raising support while studying and ministering to others at the same time is challenging. However, it is also a very rewarding time in ministry when you see all that God accomplishes.

Patrick has spent much of his time this month preparing for an ordination council coming up on June 2. An ordination council is called together by the local church and typically consists of pastors, deacons, and missionaries from numerous churches. The council will examine Patrick through questions and make a recommendation to his local church about ordaining him into the ministry. The local church makes the final decision whether to ordain him and when it should take place.

Earlier this month, Pastor David Talley held a practice ordination council. It was helpful to prepare for the real thing. The questions that were asked allowed Patrick to consider a variety of different theological topics and practice his responses. There were a few questions that he had not thought about previously so this will allow him to study those areas in more detail prior to the actual council in June. Knowing what to study for is challenging because there is no restriction on the questions allowed to be asked by those on the council. They should generally fall into a predetermined theological category, but the number of questions is almost limitless. In addition to examining his biblical knowledge, the council will also review his personal testimony and ministry calling. They should take all three of those factors into consideration and make a recommendation to Grace Baptist Church. If the church chooses to ordain Patrick, the ordination ceremony will be set at a later date so out of town friends and family may be invited.

Michele and Patrick also started new Bible studies this month. Patrick wrapped up his men’s Bible study series and began a one-on-one discipleship class with a new believer. He is continuing his evangelistic class with an unbeliever that should wrap up in the end of June. Michele is continuing her women’s Bible study and also began a one-on-one discipleship class. The discipleship program is called, A Way to Joy, and is produced by Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship. Their materials and classes are excellent. ABWE offers numerous classes to teach people how to use these great resources. If your interested in learning more about these programs, please let us know or check out their website at

Well, that is all we have space for this month. We will keep you updated on our progress and expected departure date for The Gambia in the coming months. Our current support level is 36%. We anticipate reaching 100% of our support and required training by next year but it is all in God’s hands. His timing is always perfect!


Prayer Requests

Pray for our upcoming church visits and our safety as we travel.

Pray for the various Bible studies that Patrick and Michele are leading.

Pray for Patrick’s upcoming ordination council.


Thank you all for your prayers!

In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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