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February Newsletter

How can you be engaged with the causes you support through your financial gifts?


This was the question one of our recent monthly supporters was asking himself when his family joined our support team. Many organizations support great causes and do amazing work, but most are so large that it is hard to feel like you are connected into their accomplishments. How can you be engaged with those you support?

This is what makes supporting a missionary so special. You can have the security of giving to a larger organization like ABWE but still have the intimacy of being directly involved with a missionary family undertaking God’s work in another country. There is simply nothing like it in the world! God wants you to give of your finances to support His work, but He also wants you to be giving of your time and talents. When you join our team, these opportunities arise in a way that is unlike any other cause you could support.


Do you have what another one of our monthly supporters calls “our family missionary”?


Imagine being able to teach your children the importance of giving by supporting a missionary family. Every month when a new prayer letter comes in you sit down with your kids and pray for that missionary. Maybe you ask your children to write them a letter of encouragement. Another month you might decide to send a care package or deliver that package in person by taking a short mission trip to the country. Get hands on! The opportunities to get involved in the missionary’s ministry are endless.

We have been blessed with so many faithful supporters on our team. It is exciting to inform you that our monthly support level is now at 78%. God has provided over $5,400 a month in financial support for our mission to The Gambia! We only need about $1,500 more in committed monthly support to reach our budget. Not only will your support have eternal ramifications for people in The Gambia, it will directly impact your life and your family’s life in ways that no other type of giving is capable of attaining. Giving to missions is unique and rewarding. Join our team today and give us the privilege of being your “family’s missionary”. Visit our page at and learn more about how to become engaged through monthly financial partnership with our ministry.

A visual of the remaining partners needed in our ministry.


Prayer Requests

Pray that God will raise up the remaining 22% of support so we may depart for The Gambia this year.

Pray for Michele and her family during this time of grieving for her brother.

Pray for new ways that God would have you engage in our ministry.


In Christ,

The Reeds

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, Luke

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