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July Newsletter 2023

Patrick's Systematic Theology class concluded this month. The course often sparked controversy among the students regarding their perceptions of God. Patrick enjoyed seeing the students deepen their understanding of God and who God says He is, many times contrasting their own preconceived notions and emotions. Upon the pastor's request, Patrick awarded certificates to the students, signifying a pivotal step in their faith journeys. The pastor also requested that Patrick offer the class again soon to strengthen the congregation even further.

Our connections with our Gambian neighbors continue to pick mulberries from a tree they had transplanted from Lebanon. This kind gesture provided a delightful and memorable experience for the children. Additionally, the children were invited to join in at the American School summer day camp, where they had chances to discuss their faith, including a meaningful conversation with a Hindu peer.

At Omega Church's "Family Sunday," the children's church led a worship song and dance. The youth led a drama highlighting the significance of maintaining a strong connection with God amidst worldly distractions. The central message was that when a family collectively seeks God, they can overcome anything no matter how the world pulls them.

Furthermore, we were delighted to connect with our dear friends, the Smith family, and a member of Omega Church, Joanna, who happened to be in Washington, DC, for meetings. Joanna was deeply moved by the grandeur of the church and the congregation's size during worship. The sermon directly addressed a topic that Joanna and the Smiths discussed over breakfast earlier. What an amazing God we serve.

What a blessing it is to serve here in The Gambia. Your prayer and financial support help us make a difference every day.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for Patrick as he prepares a method of Bible study course in addition to his next systematic theology class to build up leaders at Omega Church.

~Pray for Alison as she returns to The Gambia and for God to continue to lead her in her new role.

~Pray for Alyssa as she starts dual enrollment at Liberty University.

In Christ,

The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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