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May Newsletter 2023

What a blessing it is to serve a God who knows the desires of our hearts. In the past 12 months, we have served and supported over 100 missionaries, and with every team we felt burdened for a true fellowship area rather than the carport. When Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio, reached out to us, expressing their desire to be part of a project dedicated to Deb Newsome, a long-faithful servant in the Gambia, we couldn't imagine a more fitting response than creating a space for fellowship to glorify God and unite believers. They relayed the message to their congregation and the response was overwhelming. So we started the construction of a pencha (pavilion in Wolof) and patio area last month. We pray that the building will be completed before the rainy season.

We are so thankful to God for Patrick's past experience, ranging from CAD design to trigonometry to electrical work, all while diligently teaching his theology classes and dedicating countless hours to redesigning the guesthouse website. While the pencha is still incomplete, it didn’t stop Michele from using it for an Omega youth group meeting. In addition, Michele traveled about an hour to Busumbala to assist Sarah Jenkins in painting their new church building.

We also had a key handover ceremony at the Ndungu Kebbeh Health Center, we were honored to welcome Jason Liard, our regional director, and Ken and Eileen Lorow, who has undertaken a new support role for Africa at ABWE IHQ. The ceremony included Omega Foundation board members, Omega Church members, Alkalis (mayors) from Ndungu Kebbeh and the neighboring towns, women’s group leaders, and a few other key members of the community, who all came to celebrate the handover from ABWE to the Omega Foundation.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for the continued theological training classes.

~ As we work to build up leaders at Omega Church

~Alison and her new role in The Gambia

~Pray for the increase in the seeds we have planted.

In Christ, The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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