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October Newsletter 2023

We began the month by hosting Hannah Strayer, ABWE's media specialist for Africa, who gained insights on effectively communicating The Gambia's ministries. AB WE desires to build awareness of the need for laborers and partners here in The Gambia. We took Hannah throughout the cities to show her the landscape while sharing how God has directed our path. She also spent a few days in Ndungu Kebbeh at our literacy center with Alison and Joanne for the same purpose. By getting a glimpse of life here, she can strategically compile ideas for a campaign for recruitment for short and long-term missionaries.

Speaking of short-term missionaries, Central Tampa Baptist Church sent another team to our guesthouse for two weeks. However, on the day of their arrival, Michele remembered we were short an extra queen-sized sheet set from when we helped with bedding for the emergency hospital stay last spring. So she figured the next day she would search the Gambia for nice quality queen-sized sheets. Before she left the following morning, as the team was unpacking, Michele confirmed that all the guests had a good night's rest and that they had everything they needed. As they shared God's plan for their time and the plethora of items they brought, one woman said God put it on her heart to pack a set of high-quality, queen-size sheets and she didn't know why. Michele could not get her jaw off the floor as, once again, God reminds us that He knows our needs. During their stay, they assisted with schools, churches, and medical clinics. The team brought an abundance of blessings to The Gambia by sending those 12 people. We pray for God to send more teams like them.

On another note, Patrick occasionally fills the pulpit and continues his methods of Bible study courses and systematic theology classes. Meanwhile, on Thursdays, Michele helps a boy from church with his reading. She also tutors math to some Muslim girls and continues to be a presence in the youth group. After one of the girls' tutoring sessions, they asked if they could come again tomorrow. Michele mentioned that she was getting together with the youth group to talk about what the Bible says about God. Their eagerness to join was heartwarming. We had over 25 in attendance at the youth group that week. Upon return, the Muslim girls asked when they could return to learn more about Jesus. Please pray for God to open their hearts.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for Patrick and family as we just got the news that his father Bruce has stage 4 cancer.

~Pray for Patrick’s methods of Bible study course in addition to his systematic theology class.

~Pray for us to recognize leaders at Omega Church.

~Pray for Michele as she helps with the youth.

In Christ, The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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