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September Newsletter 2023

During this quiet month at the guesthouse, Patrick focused on improving the battery backup system and engaging in various handyman jobs around the property. Michele and Martine found themselves with plenty of work on their hands. They dedicated their time to giving all four apartments a thorough spring cleaning. However, Michele's least favorite task was the never-ending hours of washing dishes that carried over into the next month.

With the guesthouse all but empty we could give full strength to other ministries. We were able to grow a relationship with an Omega church member who asked for the leaves from the Sisup tree on our property. It was fascinating to find out all the medicinal purposes, from treating inflammation to managing pain and even potential cancer treatment. Also at Omega Church, they started a pilot program for small groups asking us to be part of the leadership in getting this ministry off the ground. Omega also has a real need for people to pour into the youth/young adults. Michele was happy to start playing an active role by assisting with the youth group but is praying for God to raise more people for this need. She has always had a real passion for the youth group, where she found the Lord. She even went as far as to organize an exciting escape room, bringing young members together to grow a fellowship among them. She also used this month to strengthen her friendships, inviting a friend to bake gingerbread cookies for the youth group, which they loved. Speaking of youth, Alyssa began an internship, working backstage for a live production cultural variety show.

In our home state of Maryland, we have some uplifting news to share. Corey, a former youth group member from our sending church, rededicated his life to Christ through baptism. Additionally, Morgan, a long-time friend of Michele, found salvation through Jesus Christ. Michele's unwavering years of prayer were answered, serving as a testament to the power of prayer and God's grace. We pray these stories of transformation and redemption inspire and remind you of the significance of persistent prayer for those dear to us.

Praise and Prayer Requests

~Pray for Patrick and the methods of Bible study course in addition to his systematic theology class.

~Pray for us to recognize leaders at Omega Church.

~Pray for Joan who is reporting to churches in the USA

~Pray for Michele as she helps with the youth group.

In Christ, The Reeds,

Patrick, Michele, Alyssa, Danielle, and Luke


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